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Gemini Imaging Group has developed an integrated system that is the gold standard in patient service and care. Our services are designed to complement, improve, and achieve the highest standards in patient satisfaction while providing independent physician’s offices of any size or any need with the most efficient and cost-effective method to improve care, retain patients, and expand services and revenue.

Best Mobile Ultrasound & Imaging Service Provider

Our full service package is the best in class and is an all-inclusive program that lets you quickly and easily expand your in-office services to include imaging and sonograms. We’ve included the premium quality in services and features to ensure excellence in results, operations, and customer service. With our Full-Service Program, we do all the work, all the set-up required to get you started. We staff your office with professional reading physicians, state-of-the-art equipment, necessary supplies, billing and IT support. There’s nothing more for you to do but get started.

Our Full-Service Package Includes:
• State-of-the-art ultrasound machine
• Board-certified sonographer/interpreting physicians with over 20 years of experience
• Cloud server offering the latest in EMR technology – secure and HIPPA compliant
• Supplies including gowns, electrodes, and acoustic gel
• Medical Billing Support
• 24/7 IT support

Professional Interpreting Physicians and Technicians

The quality of the Interpreting Physician is as important as the quality of the imaging equipment. Gemini Imaging Group provides only the best, highly trained, accredited, and insured sonographers and physicians. Knowledgeable and professional, you can rest assured that our Reading Physicians are delivering the professional and friendly care your patients deserve. Our staff services patients with a variety of conditions and symptoms including: cardiomyopathy, congestive heart disease, chest pains, obesity, chemotherapy therapy, valve replacements, stenosis, pacemakers, Holter monitors, shortness of breath, event monitors, Cardiomegaly swollen feet, and more.

Medical Billing Administration

One of the greatest challenges a medical practice will face is traversing the complicated and resource-consuming world of insurance billing. At Gemini Imaging, we ensure our imaging services are properly billed in a timely fashion. Our professional and experienced administrators bill the patient’s insurance company directly for our services so there is never any extra work for your office. Reduce the time, resources, oversights, and errors that cost your practice money and profits with our professional help.

Equipment, Servers and Supplies

Your office needs the latest and best technology and the most reliable servers to ensure accurate results, seamless integration, and fast turnaround times.

Our on-site imaging and ultrasound machines are state of the art to ensure the most accurate results with minimum down-time. Our servers offer the latest in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) technology. This cloud and web-based system means you can capture, share, or print reports with full HIPPA compliance at the push of a button, instead of combing through an antiquated filing system. You will love the efficiency of archiving images and reports together and the convenience of accessing your records from just about anywhere. Also, our server is compatible with most other types of EMR software and IAC applications and our servers are backed by 24/7 professional IT support and regular maintenance.

In addition to superb technology, we also offer all of the supplies needed for imaging services including: gowns, electrodes, and acoustic gels.

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