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Dr. Sagar, M.D.

White Plains, MD

Gemini Imaging has been an incredible asset to my practice. Victor Bonney and his staff have been professional and timely in providing high quality ultrasound images. They provide the most up to date technology in an efficient way. They have made the process of obtaining echoes and carotid exams in my office easy and seamless. I have recommended them to my colleagues without reservation.

Dr. Patel, M.D.

Greenbelt, MD

Gemini Imaging Group was absolutely wonderful. We had no idea how to obtain accreditation from IAC, but Victor (our assigned consultant) educated us on the process and helped us decide which plan of action was suitable for our organization. When Victor first arrives he immediately access how Gemini Imaging Group could be of use according to the Standards set by IAC. He has done everything he said he would do and more at no extra cost. Gemini Imaging Group
was very professional and hard working to meet our goals in a timely fashion. Yes, I would recommend them to our colleagues.

PHC Healthcare

College Park, MD

I just wanted to send an extra special thank you for providing the best service this medical community has ever received. You have done everything you said you would do and more. Victor (our consultant) has been wonderful and dedicated to making sure this project was done well and quickly. He was above and beyond kind, gracious and helpful while working with us. Anything I asked him to do was done with a smile. You all really do what you say and at PHC Healthcare, LLC. that is like finding a diamond in the sand!!!!

Thank you to everyone at Gemini Imaging Group, Inc. for caring.

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