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Ultrasound Business Owner

Gemini Imaging Group offers a licensing umbrella that will be an excellent way to get started as a business owner. You’ll get all the support, training, guidance, and resources you’ll need to operate a successful ultrasound business from a company that already has a strong brand and a track record for success.

*Gemini Imaging Group offers for Licensees:

✓Ultrasound Machine

✓Imaging Server


✓Board-certified Interpreting Cardiologist

✓A Cardiovascular Consult (New)

✓Protected Territory

✓And much more…

Starting an Ultrasound Medical Imaging Business


Wondering how to start an ultrasound medical imaging business?

We take you step-by-step from start to success

The mobile ultrasound field is a growing industry in the current healthcare climate.

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The mobile ultrasound business might be the perfect move for you

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